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Awards for innovation and commitment, end of 2020

familyNET 4.0 - Corporate culture in the digital world of work

The “familyNet 4.0” award honors companies’ commitment to improving the work-life balance in the Age of Digitalization. As a company in the category of 50-250 employees, the jury honored us for our particularly innovative, sustainable programsand measures for our employees. “Our mediumsized companies have achieved a great deal in a very short time in view of the coronavirus pandemic. They reacted very quickly to the new situation, and many of them have restructured and joined thedigital world,” said jury member Katrin Schütz. “At PEKANA, we were well-positioned with regard to digitalization and mobile work at the beginning of the health crisis and were able to react quickly. Our success was due to the flexibility and admirablecommitment of our employees – I am very proud of our team,” said CEO Dr. Marius Beyersdorff.

Outstanding company pension plan model

We were also recognized for our “many years of praiseworthy social commitment” by the Private Akademie zur Förderung der betrieblichen Altersversorgung GmbH & Co. KG, a company offering services around company pension plans in Seefeld, Germany. In the Akademie’s words: “PEKANA implemented a company pension plan for its employees that goes far beyond the usual framework of responsibility for social welfare.” “Since PEKANA was founded, social commitment and the welfare of employees have been among our top priorities. It is nice to receive recognition of our commitment,” said Katharina Beyersdorff. We are pleased that we can offer our employees a comprehensive of company pension plan model as part of our commitment.