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Where does healing a disease start? With the person.
Where does healing a disease start? With the person.



What is special about PEKANA remedies

  • The production process for PEKANA spagyrics adheres closely to Paracelsus’ rules while observing current pharmaceutical regulations. This is how the PEKANA procedure uniquely combines ancient knowledge with the latest findings.

  • Through this procedure, PEKANA remedies achieve high regulatory competence. As a result, the remedies are specifically applied to treat chronic diseases.

  • Particularly noteworthy is the high percentage of salt (the physical) und sulfur (the spiritual). In spagyrics the organotropic compounds are attributed with a strengthening function, while the funciotropic remedies are attributed with a harmonizing function. The low-alcohol percentage that results from the fermentation process is the basis of the mercury principle.

  • The homeopathic-spagyric complex remedies are composed to be target-oriented. They carry the energetically distinctive signature of Dr. Beyersdorff, the co-founder of PEKANA, and therefore provide a therapy concept from a single source.

  • The holistic composition of the remedies results in clearly comprehensible fields of application. It also includes inter-symptomatic influences within the complex.

Information about PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH:

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