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What is better? Conventional medicine or homeopathy? Both.
What is better? Conventional medicine or homeopathy? Both.



Facts on Homeopathy

How effective is homeopathy? This issue still sparks scientific and philosophical discussions even today.

PEKANA has been on the market as a producer of homeopathic compounds for more than 30 years. A deep conviction connects and commits us to the great achievements of homeopathy, which is a part of naturopathy. According to Dr. Beyersdorff’s leading concept, spreading naturopathy is a purpose worth living for. We have compiled some important facts on the efficacy of homeopathy in the 21st century. Just form your own opinion and be inspired to learn more.

  • Homeopathy is a European therapeutic tradition, established more than 200 years ago.
  • 100 million Europeans benefit from homeopathy and employ homeopathic remedies.
  • 3 out of 4 Europeans know about homeopathy, 29% of them use it.
  • In Europe, 54,000 therapists have special homeopathic skills.
  • For many decades thousands of homeopathic remedies have been established in the European market. Due to the requirements of the official pharmacopoeias, the products generally are extremely low-risk and predominantly derived from natural substances.
  • The global turnover of homeopathic remedies is an estimated 2 billion Euros.
  • Homeopathic and anthroposophic remedies cover ca. 1% of the European market for pharmaceuticals and 7% of the European market for OTC pharmaceuticals. In the year 2005 this equaled a total of 1,711 million Euros (end consumer prices).
  • All homeopathic remedies on the market today have been comprehensively tested by the German Federal Agency for Drugs and Medicinal Products and approved accordingly by a registration or authorization number.
  • The manufacturing processes of companies that produce homeopathic remedies are subject to the same quality standards as companies that produce allopathic products.
  • Comprehensive testing, including heavy metals, pesticides, toxicology and determination of content are part of the quality assurance for homeopathic remedies.
  • Homeopathic remedies have continuously been administered for more than 200 years and therefore enable one of the longest application observations ever made.
  • The continually wrongly described ‘side effects’ are initial reactions. According to homeopathic theory, these present a short-time increase of already existing symptoms, which are part of the healing process.
  • Even today, Hahnemann′s ideas and thoughts have not lost any of their significance.

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