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What is the targeted approach to healing diseases? Holistic.
What is the targeted approach to healing diseases? Holistic.



Holistic Approaches

Excretion and Detoxification
It was Paracelsus who coined the phrase: “Everything outside of us is against us.” Today, the formidable truth of this quote has become more relevant than ever.
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Our Skin as the Mirror of Our Soul
The first thing a human being experiences is felt through the skin. An embryo having a size of 2.5 cm is capable of feeling – whereby eyes and ears haven’t yet even been fully formed.
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Hyperactivity – A Reflection of our Time?
“Children are reflections of what they are taught and what they learn. If we perceive of them as such, they will guide and accompany us on a mutual path of development towards enhanced comprehension and understanding.”
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Change of Life – Years of Change: A Time of Distinction
The time of physical motherhood has come to an end, spiritual motherhood begins. That is author Julia Onken’s brief and to-the-point observation.
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