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PEKANA – Taking health a step further.


What is becoming an increasingly less chronic state? Health.
What is becoming an increasingly less chronic state? Health.



PEKANA Taking Health a Step Further. For 30 Years.

A holistic approach towards health and disease - from the beginning this was the guiding principle and vision of PEKANA. We made it our business to induce a change in awareness to position homeopathy and spagyrics as part of the traditional Western medicine. Thus, PEKANA forms the bridge between ancient traditions and modern times. And this for more than 30 years now.

Selected topics:

The PEKANA Products.
PEKANA offers a full internal remedy range comprising 70 homeopathic-spagyric pharmaceutical specialties – for almost all …
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delima Products by PEKANA
Menopause is a time of change and of changes in the female body. The hormone production is considerably decreased, with usually …
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Gemstone Balsams from PEKANA - Skin Care based on the Energetic Principle.
The seven Gemstone Balsams from PEKANA combine skin nuturing properties with the power of gemstones and essential oils for your …
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