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40 Years of PEKANA

This year PEKANA is celebrating their 40th anniversary.Yet the story already started ten years earlier with a stroke of fate. Severeillnesses in his private circle made Dr. Peter Beyersdorff look for possible alternativemethods to the already existing remedy supply. The more he looked into thematter the more he realized that a lot of things could be developed further. Somethingwas simply missing on the healthcare market. In the following years Dr. PeterBeyersdorff developed a holistically structured range of almost 80 remedies.His urge to use materials to their full motivated him to do some research anddevelop his own manufacturing method. The result was one of the very fewspagyric production regulations registered in the pharmacopoeia: PEKANAspagyrics!

Based on thisKatharina and Dr. Peter Beyersdorff established PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH.The company name is derived from their initials PE(ter), KA(tharina) andNA(turheilmittel). Establishing the company was backed by theconsistent action of two people who did not only find a personal but aprofessional bond as well to make their vision come true: “A change to theawareness of integrating medicine – combining conventional and naturopathictherapies”. PEKANA wants to accompany people in preventive healthcare andcomprehensive healing and increase their awareness that each of us can support theirhealth in manifold ways and to motivate them to do so. Here PEKANA benefitsfrom the friction between consistency and the courage to go new ways. For – ifsomething can be done better it has to be improved. The synergistic andscientific approach for the benefit of people forms the foundation for allfurther developments. So PEKANA will take health a step further in the futureas well: natural, humane and holistic.