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BioResource - our US distributor

Interview with Michael Sheehan

Mr. Sheehan - thank you for taking part in this interview. You already included PEKANA remedies into your sales range over 20 years ago. How did the cooperation between PEKANA and your company BioResource in the USA come about back then?

A very good friend of mine, Peter Gosch, and I had written a book about German biological medicine in 1990, and we were looking to bring the finest available remedies into the US market. Over the years, Mr. Gosch had heard about PEKANA through his German therapist, and he eventually met with Dr. Peter Beyersdorff & Katharina Beyersdorff in Kisslegg in 1997. Mr. Gosch was extremely impressed with the PEKANA people as well as their homeopathic-spagyric remedies. PEKANA agreed to provide our company, BioResource, with samples of their remedies so that key American health care practitioners could try them. They responded with great enthusiasm about the quality and effectiveness of the German remedies, and requested that we include PEKANA in our sales range as soon as possible. After registering the remedies with the Food & Drug Administation (FDA) as homeopathic remedies, we were finally able to introduce PEKANA to American practitioners in summer 1998.

What makes the PEKANA products so interesting for you and also for the American market?

The quality and effectiveness of the homeopathic-spagyric remedies. PEKANA‘s award-winning four-step spagyric production process uses no distillation, only filtration, to ensure that all the important herbal ingredients are intact and captured in the complex. Nothing is destroyed, and the vital substances are preserved. In addition, PEKANA has built a modern production facility that meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficacy. The company regularly undergoes and passes comprehensive FDA inspections. This confirms PEKANA‘s consistently professional approach.

Over the years you have remained in constant exchange with PEKANA in order to further expand the collaboration. How does communication work at this distance?

I’ve had memorable opportunities to visit the PEKANA facility over the years and meet everyone at export partner meetings, but our primary ways of communicating are by regular phone calls and constant emails. This type of communication has proven very successful over the years. When questions or problems arise, the PEKANA team takes care of them immediately, for example, with the development of new products, regulatory issues or the preparation of marketing materials. Mrs. and Mr. Beyersdorff have also visited us on various occasions here in the northern California wine country. They are welcome to come see us anytime.

Which remedies are particularly appreciated by your customers and partners in the USA?

The INFLAMYAR topical ointment* is our top seller, closely followed by what we call the Big Three detoxification remedies: apo-HEPAT*, ITIRES* and RENELIX*. Over the years, we have received countless testimonials and positive feedback about INFLAMYAR* from our customers. Practitioners and therapists routinely recommend ointment to their patients for the treatment of muscle and joint complaints. As a former soccer player, marathon runner and current golfer, I can personally confirm the excellent efficacy. NEU-regen* and PSY-stabil* also sell quite well in the USA. Many people turn to these remedies when their body and mind are out of kilter and they want to restore their natural balance.

What makes working with PEKANA and its employees so special for you?

Katharina Beyersdorff and Dr. Marius Beyersdorff treat everyone at BioResource like part of their family. They have been wonderful to work with for more than two decades and are also very open to developing new remedies for our market. The rest of the team is also highly efficient and handles requests of all kinds as quickly as possible. As I’ve told my employees many times over the years, “Thank God for PEKANA.“

When you look into the future, how could the collaboration with PEKANA might look in the coming years?

I’d like to see a continuation of the past 24 years with more of the same: superb cooperation, mutual respect, innovation and friendship. I particularly like the feeling of being part of a larger family that shares the goal of bringing well-made, effective, remedies to people around the world in need of healing. During our partnership I also was blessed to have worked with some incredibly gifted and insightful practitioners. I hope the people who run BioResource when I eventually retire will be fortunate enough to feel the same way.