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Oral hygiene from PEKANA

Oral hygiene product family

Our over-the-counter product range and range of medicines include products for oral hygiene. They can be used for daily care and prevention, as well as medical indication. Good oral hygiene is particularly important, since oral health can be reflected in the overall health of the body. Therefore, with good oral hygiene you are doing something good for both your mouth and your entire body.

VULPUR spag. Peka

Balance for the oral mucosa and gums

- For rinsing the oral cavity

- It is possible to use the product up to three times daily

- Producing a gargle solution: Put 20 drops into 1/4 liter lukewarm water and gargle for at least 5 minutes

Mouth oils: “Fit to face the day” and “Energy boost”

The product launch of the PEKANA mouth oil duo marked the start of our over-thecounter product range expansion. “Fit to face the day” and “Energy boost,” our new mouth oils, supplement the PEKANA oral hygiene product family. They are used for daily oil pulling. Alongside the liver and kidneys, the familiar detoxification organs, the skin and (oral) mucous membranes are responsible for naturally cleansing the body. Oil pulling releases liposoluble substances in the oral cavity. In turn, they are absorbed by the oil and transported out of the body along with the oil. As a result, the mouth oils can be used along with the PEKANA detoxification to support the cleansing effect. Oil pulling cleans and cares for the oral cavity naturally. To pull, swish 1-2 teaspoons of mouth oil back and forth between the interdental spaces and the roof of your mouth. After around 5 minutes, spit out the oil. Oil pulling in the morning before cleaning the teeth has proven to be particularly effective. After pulling oil during the day, rinse your mouth. The essential oils ensure that your mouth feels fresh after oil pulling and can lead to increased wellbeing.