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Sustainable action

Sustainable action

Step by step, we are developing a concept to make sustainability possible in all areas. An important aspect of this is creating transparency about where improvements have already been made, what we are working on and what we are still aiming for.

Already achieved: Energy

In 2014 we decided to invest in a pellet heating system for heat generation. In 2019, this enabled us to cover 71% of our demand for thermal energy from renewable sources. With our in-house PV plant and energy products that guarantee 100% certified green electricity since 2018, we have also made our electricity consumption sustainable.

The next step: air conditioning and ventilation technology

In 2020, we completed the planning phase for the upgrade of our water chiller in collaboration with our long-standing partner, Kälte- & Klimatechnik Fritz GmbH & Co. KG. This is scheduled for next year. In future, our system will use propane (R-290), a non-halogenated and energy-saving refrigerant of safety class A3. Propane, which is a hydrocarbon and a natural refrigerant, has no ozone depletion potential, a very low global-warming potential and is therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic refrigerants.