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Sustainable business

PEKANA is committed to fulfilling our social, ecological, and economic responsibilities

Carbon footprint

2021, we systematically measured our CO2 emissions during the previous year. All business units were analyzed in order to calculate our carbon footprint. Based on the results of the report, we are now developing step-by-step measures to further reduce emissions at PEKANA. 

Carbon-neutral company

At PEKANA, we offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting the “Agriculture Madhya Pradesh” climate protection project, which promotes rice production in India based on the sustainable use of natural resources. On this basis, PEKANA was officially certified as a “carbon-neutral company” in October 2021.

Sustainability strategy

The well-being of our employees, resource efficiency and conservation, and renewable energies form the core of our sustainability strategy. To this end, we follow the guiding principles of the WIN Charter issued by the State of Baden-Württemberg, identify strongly with the region in which we operate, and acknowledge our economic, ecological, and social responsibilities.

Ongoing development

Our development opportunities in the areas of ecology and social responsibility are supported by the healthy economic growth of our organization. In doing so, we attach great importance to the ongoing development of all business areas, such as the expansion of our product range, the addition of new warehouse and office space in Kisslegg, digitalization projects, and the development of innovative sales and communication channels.

Family-friendly and digital

In 2020, PEKANA received the award “familyNET 4.0 – Corporate culture in the digital world of work”. The award recognizes PEKANA’s commitment to improving the work-life balance. In 2021, the company was awarded the title of “Family-friendly company” – with the “Digital Excellence” accolade.

Thinking about tomorrow, today

PEKANA was honored by the “Private Akademie” in Seefeld for our particularly generous and longstanding commitment in the area of company pensions. At PEKANA we offer all staff a comprehensive, transparent, and flexible pension plan to facilitate their retirement planning.