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The PEKANA detoxification

Interview with physician Iris Illmer

Mrs. Illmer – You have worked with the PEKANA detoxification for many years. Why do you prefer to recommend this detoxification in particular to your patients?

The PEKANA detoxification has been one of my fixed treatment concepts for many years. First, I like to recommend detoxification in the spring and fall as prophylactic measure to increase physical well-being. Second, I begin almost every treatment of patients with a chronic disease with a detoxification in order to prepare the body for the actual treatment. The PEKANA detoxification gently stimulates the organs involved in detoxification without intervening in the systems too strongly. The wide range of application options and gentle support of the PEKANA detoxification have inspired me from the very beginning.

How do your patients describe the regimen and how they feel during and after the detoxification?

My patients particularly appreciate the uncomplicated option of taking the PEKANA detoxification when they are away from home. The product enables them to integrate a detoxification into their everyday work routine without feeling that their behavior is restricted. They describe both their physical and mental condition as positive during the course of the treatment. Patients quickly recognize the increase in diuresis that occurs as a normal side effect of the detoxification. The patients quickly feel better and report that their fatigue and problems with concentration have decreased. These positive effects typically occur after only a few days and continue to develop as the detoxification progresses until at the end, they feel fortified.

Why is the PEKANA detoxification particularly suitable for sensitive users?

With this detoxification, it is possible to adjust the dosage to the individual needs of each patient. For example, a gentle introduction with half of the daily dosage is possible for sensitive patients. Depending on patient tolerance, the attending physician or therapist can adjust the dosage at any time. Despite the low dosage, it is possible to achieve a comprehensive effect. As an attending physician, I appreciate the flexibility very much – and so do the affected patients.

Are there situations in which treatment with a homeopathic spagyric detoxification has proven to be particularly effective?

The increasing level of stress that we are exposed to today can lead to faulty regulation and a detoxification treatment can help to put the body’s systems back on track. I can also recommend doing a detoxification for maintaining health and increasing a general sense of well-being. After all, you can do something good for your body with a detoxification in both cases.