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Move into spring

Time for a detoxification

The idea that people want to do something good for their body at certain times or on specific occasions is not new and is regaining its relevance. A detoxification can be viewed as an opportunity to support the body with the natural maintenance and restoration of its balance. Not only in the spring – a detoxification is advisable in any season. Its stimulating impulses enable the body to tap new sources of strength and re-energize the entire organism. Take time to maintain your body’s health with adetoxification.

Notes on how to use

It is possible to begin the PEKANA detoxification at any time. In view of the findings of holistic medicine, it may be helpful to orient your regimen on the various phases of the moon. That way, you can fully benefit from the detoxification‘s effect. For proven results, follow the PEKANA detoxification regimen for a period of 35 days or 6-8 weeks. A shorter regimen is also possible. And you must remember to drink a sufficient quantity of liquid (noncarbonated water, approx. 30 ml per kg body weight).The PEKANA detoxification consists of a combination of four homeopathic spagyric complex remedies. Each medicine is a synergistic composition containing 8 ingredients. PEKANA medicines are available in public pharmacies.

Complex remedy dosage

Standard dosage

Dissolve 20 drops in water 3x daily and drink. The products’ doses can be taken together.

Custom dosage

In consultation with your physician, pharmacist, or alternative practitioner.


To continue while away from home, put the number of drops for your daily dose in a water bottle containing around 1.5 liters of non-carbonated water and drink sips throughout the day